Database Classes - March 2017 through December 2017


D1- Access Level 1, 9am-12pm, $195

Learn the basics of designing and building databases.  Many useful tips and tricks, even if you are already using Access.  Create a table, enter data, produce forms and reports.  Learn how to formulate simple filters and queries for retrieving data.  Produce and print mailing labels.  All the techniques you need for the development of a data base are in this class.

Mar 03, Apr 07, May 05, Jun 02, Jul 07, Aug 04, Sep 01, Oct 06, Nov 03, Dec 01

 D2- Access Level 2, 9am-12pm, $195

Take your database skills to the next level.  Learn how to relate several tables together and understand more about primary keys, foreign keys and referential integrity. Master, detail and lookup, table concepts are covered as well as more extensive GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out data checking).

Mar 10, Apr 14, May 12, Jun 09, Jul 14, Aug 11, Sep 08, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 08

 D3- Access Queries & Calculations, 9am-12pm, $195

An in-depth look at Queries and Calculations for linked relational tables.  Learn how to create select, sort, compare, calculate and summarize data. Work with subtotals and parameter inputs and explore the use of Cross Tab Queries (similar to Pivot Tables in Excel).

Mar 17, Apr 21, May 19, Jun 16, Jul 21, Aug 18, Sep 15, Oct 20, Nov 17, Dec 15

 D4- Introduction to SQL, 1pm-3pm, $130

Introduces the basic concepts and ideas of Structured Query Language using the Access Database SQL processor.

Mar 17, Apr 21, May 19, Jun 16, Jul 21, Aug 18, Sep 15, Oct 20, Nov 17, Dec 15

 D5- Microsoft Outlook Level 1, 1pm-3pm, $130

A great overview of Outlook that starts with understanding the windows, menus and toolbars.  Learn how to send, receive and delete email; the function of the outbox and sent items and how to organize and apply rules to  email.  Create regular and email addresses including group lists and record journal entries to track contacts over time.  Set single appointments and group meetings with the calender and schedule and assign tasks.

Mar 03, Apr 07, May 05, Jun 02, Jul 07, Aug 04, Sep 01, Oct 06, Nov 03, Dec 01

 D6- Microsoft Outlook Level 2, 1pm-3pm, $130

Covers more advanced features of Outlook including form design. Contact Management.  Organizing your contacts, setting up contacts, the general tab, the details, tab, the activities tab.  Sending a message to a contact, including a vcard. Writing a letter to a contact.  Requesting a meeting with a contact.  Tasks and Journal Entries for contacts.  History and Details for contacts.  The Journal.  Add a Journal entry.  Journal Entry Time Line feature.  Mail Merge.  Build your form letter.  Mailing labels, mail merge using Outlook.  Email mail merge using Outlook.  Importing and Exporting Data.  Importing into a New Contacts Folder.  Export an Outlook COntact File.

Mar 10, Apr 14, May 12, Jun 09, Jul 14, Aug 11, Sep 08, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 08

 D7- Introduction to ACT Contact Management, 1pm-3pm, $130

Learn the basics of this popular contact manager.  Add contacts, schedule phone calls, appointments and meetings and easily write and print custom and mail merge letters complete with envelope or label.  Set alarms to remind you about critical events and view calendars, easily shifting scheduled activities to new dates and times.  Look up individual or group information and develop detailed history so that you can truly follow your contacts in detail over time.  Great class for anyone starting out on this popular program.

Mar 24, Apr 28, May 26, Jun 23, Jul 28, Aug 25, Sep 22, Oct 27, Nov 24, Dec 22

 D8- Quickbooks Level 1, 9am-12pm, $195

Covers the basic operation of the application and some understanding of Accounting Principles including Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheet and Income Statement.  In this class you will setup a New Company and work through Invoicing, Billing, and simple Reporting. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Vendors, Customers, Lists and Employees are  also covered.  Great class for the beginning user of Quickbooks.

Mar 05, Apr 02, May 07, Jun 04, Jul 02, Aug 06, Sep 03, Oct 01, Nov 05, Dec 03

 D9- Quickbooks Level 2, 9am-12pm, $195

A continuation of techniques learned in level 1 applying greater depth of understanding.  You will create a sample Company's accounting system from scratch and go through the Accounts Payable and Accounts receivable cycles.  We will also look at the depreciation of expense items.

Mar 12, Apr 09, May 14, Jun 11, Jul 09, Aug 13, Sep 10, Oct 08, Nov 12, Dec 10

 D10- Quickbooks Level 3, 9am-12pm, $195

In this class we look at activities for preparing month and quarter end statements and budgets.   These include accrued revenue and expenses, expiration of assets and their related expenses, reducing unearned revenues, bank reconciliation and adjustments. We also cover the creation of budgets for revenue and expense accounts, budgeted income statements, specific budgets for assets, liabilities, and equity accounts and a budgeted balance sheet.

Mar 19, Apr 16, May 21, Jun 18, Jul 16, Aug 20, Sep 17, Oct 15, Nov 19, Dec 17

 D11- Quickbooks Level 4, 9am-12pm, $195

In this final class of the series we look at end of year activities including an end of period statement, a budgeted versus actual income statement and balance sheet.  We also cover graphs to illustrate sales and income expenses, receivables and payables and create reports for sales, purchases, inventory accounts receivable aging and accounts payable aging. Finally we look at the preparation of a Statement of Cash Flows and the creation of supporting reports to help make business decisions.

Mar 26, Apr 23, May 28, Jun 25, Jul 23, Aug 27, Sep 24, Oct 22, Nov 26, Dec 24

 D12- Filemaker Pro for Windows/Mac Level 1, 2pm-5pm, $195

One of the easiest and most practical database management systems to learn.  This class covers database design principles, how to create a file and define field types, generate custom layouts and create simple queries.  Learn how to preview and print reports and mailing labels.  Great class for anyone just getting started with database.  You will enjoy this class.

Mar 05, Apr 02, May 07, Jun 04, Jul 02, Aug 06, Sep 03, Oct 01, Nov 05, Dec 03

 D13- Filemaker Pro for Windows/Mac Level 2, 2pm-5pm, $195

Move to the next level with Filemaker.  Create calculation and summary fields and lookups.  Covers more advanced queries including multiple requests and scripting.  Design and produce complex layouts including sub summary parts to generate grouping and sub totals.  Create buttons and learn how to import and export data.  Great class for anyone needing to create sophisticated data management systems.

Mar 12, Apr 09, May 14, Jun 11, Jul 09, Aug 13, Sep 10, Oct 08, Nov 12, Dec 10

 D15- Microsoft Project Level 1, 9am-1pm, $260

Introduction to project management, Starting a project, Outlining and Task Relationships, Adding and Assigning Resources, Analyzing the Project, Displaying Project Data, and Sourcing and Filtering Data.

 Call or email For Schedule - 415-507-0384,

  D16- Microsoft Project Level 2, 9am-1pm, $260

Setting the Plan, Tracking Project Progress, Adjusting the Schedule of Future Tasks, Setting and Displaying an Interim Plan, Adjusting Resource Schedules, Customizing the Microsoft Project Environment, Working with Data in Other Applications, and Working with Resource Pools and Consolidated Projects.

 Call or email For Schedule - 415-507-0384,

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